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Avi Dessauer :: FunctionalSystemsProgrammer, github profile


  • Platonic Systems full stack Haskell contractor on a Haskell, Nix, Postgres web app.
  • A Tweag Summer 2020 Open Source Fellow
  • Frequent open source contributor
  • General knowledge of computer science developed over more than half a decade,
    of daily self driven education.


  • Haskell:

    • Collaborator on haskell-language-server/haskell-IDE-engine/ project, Haskell’s only LSP server.
    • Author of implicit-hie, used by HLS and Ghcide to remove the need for hie.yaml files.
    • Contributions to dozens of other open source Haskell projects.
    • Follow GHC proposals & ecosystem developments.
  • Rust:

    • Tweag Fellowship: authored Sundial-GC, a FP focused typed concurrent copying GC.
    • Contributed to the Rust compiler (stability annotations on generic parameters)
    • Years of experience writing Rust, and following RFCs & ecosystem.
  • JavaScript/Typescript: Improved Node.js readline Unicode handling,

    • Contributions to Coc.nvim the most popular (Neo)Vim LSP Client,
    • Some frontend web development, mostly backend Nodejs
  • SQL: Platonic Systems: Worked on a Haskell PostgreSQL full stack web app.

  • Linux/Unix:

    • Started learning on Ubuntu 12.04,
    • 6 years daily driving Arch Linux
    • Newly minted NixOS user
  • Bash: Significant scripting experience

  • Python 2/3: Minimal experience, patching programs, and scripting.

  • Swift: pre 3.0, no longer applicable

  • Competence with all the basics:
    Big O, HTML, CSS, Web protocols, Vimscript, debuging, assembly, etc..

Significant theoretical/implementation & practical working knowledge of:

  • Concurrency / Parallelism design approaches:
    • Distributed Systems & Databases: consensus protocols, ACID,
      and the trade-offs of alternative consistency guaranties
    • High Level: coroutines, Green threads, actors
    • Low level: Unix threads, C11 atomics, various locks, lock freedom
  • Tracing & concurrent garbage collector development.